Audio Precision APx511B
Audio Analyzer

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APx511B Hearing Instrument Audio Analyzer

Ideal for production test and entry-level R&D applications

Audio Precision APx511B Audio Analyzer

The APx511B audio analyzer is designed specifically for the needs of hearing instrument manufacturers, providing the specific measurements and I/O required for hearing instrument production test, delivered with Audio Precision’s reputation for high performance and reliability.

The APx511B supports a .NET library of functions that automate the tests described in IEC60118- 7 and ANSI S3.22. For the production environment, these functions can be called from any .NET capable language or LabVIEW to control the output and measurement settings.

Statement of Use

The Audio Precision APx511B is not intended to be used as a Medical Device. It is not intended to be used for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes and is not intended to be used in or on the human body. It is not intended to be used by audiologists or for any patient specific use.

Intended Use

The analyzer is intended to be used as the signal source and signal analysis portion of a test system which measures the electrical and acoustical response of a hearing aid device (while the device is enclosed in a test chamber during the production process).

The Audio Precision APx511B is intended to be used solely by hearing aid manufacturers for the purposes of (1) conducting product research and development, (2) verifying product performance during production for quality control purposes, and (3) verifying performance for hearing aids returned for evaluation or service.

Audio Precision APx511B Audio Analyzer

Audio Precision APx511B Audio Analyzer datasheet


The APx HA-1 2cc coupler (for In-the-Ear models) and HA-2 2cc coupler (for Behind-the-Ear models) meet IEC126 and are available for use with any ½-inch or 14 mm measurement microphone.


APx500 software options provide measurements and functionality beyond the core set of capabilities. A variety of options are offered, suited to different specific test applications and requirements.

For B Series APx analyzers, and Legacy APx analyzers running version 5.0 software, software option licenses are electronically activated and are tied to a specific analyzer via serial number. For Legacy APx analyzers running APx software version 4.6 or earlier, software option licenses are enabled by one “iButtons” that mount on the rear of the instrument.

Perceptual Audio Test: POLQA (SW-POLQA-2)
Perceptual audio measurement returns a subjective assessment of speech quality using the next-generation POLQA algorithm for wide-band speech devices or devices with acoustic coupling. (Successor to PESQ with support for HD Voice, 3G, 4G/LTE and VoIP technologies)

Perceptual Audio Test: PESQ (SW-PESQ)
Widely-used, enhanced perceptual measurement for subjective assessment of speech quality on low-bandwidth devices. (PESQ algorithm)

Speech Intelligibility: ABC-MRT Measurement (SW-ABC-MRT)
The APx ABC-MRT plugin is a software option for APx500 audio measurement software that provides speech intelligibility measurement based upon the ABC-MRT speech processing algorithm developed by the Institute for Telecommunication Sciences (ITS) of the United States National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA).

Speech Intelligibility: Speech Transmission Index (SW-STI)
SW-STI is a plug-in for conducting Speech Transmission Index (STI) measurements using the STIPA method.