FALIT DUO Laser System

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Mobile tower, motorized zoom video microscope, decap EMC and gross sectioning


CLC FALIT DUO Laser System

FALIT DUO is a freestanding duo head laser model based on laboratory applications, with the concept of being the smallest freestanding workstation.

The available processing field is 33×33 mm (Maximum 1.3-in size IC Chip), if the XY table option is selected, the Chip-On-Board PCBA processing will be achieved by moving the XY table.

This laser device provides the user with the function of IC Chip Epoxy Molding Compound Package de-capping, cross-sectioning, metal cover de-lidding, metal cap removing, and PCBA cutting,

It replaces the traditional destructive analysis methods of mechanical micro-drilling, mechanical cutting, and chemical etching.

Performance Design:

*Exclusive IC chip cross-sectioning laser controller with an in-house designed embedded system ensures the process is harmless for silicon chips and bonding wires and ensures the cutting kerf is well controlled.

*Standard configuration with 20W ICO lasers in the primary laser position, with higher power laser options available.

*Standard configuration with 10-Watt green laser in the secondary laser position, enhanced higher power green lasers and UV laser options are available.

*Standard configuration with Advanced LMMS Duo Version software.

*Standard configuration with the continuous motorized zoom vision system. The option of a high-resolution camera is available for upgrade.

*Standard configuration with 150×450 mm travel programmable XY table, larger size XY Table options are available. With this option, the de-cap area, the cross-sectioning area, and the vision field can be expanded. The process for Chip-On-Board PCBA is feasible, simplifying the post-process of an electrical test.

*The option for a Cool Blast or a Cool Plate is available to ensure a harmless de-cap process on thermal sensitive silicon chips or extremely thin bonding wires.

*An Auto Focus Finder with a motion control unit is available to precisely record and duplicate laser de-cap recipes.

Safety Design:

*The workstation designed as CDRH Class-I compliance, to get rid of an employer’s worker’s compensation liability risk.

*The workstation is equipped with advanced Air Pack with multiple nozzles, to keep the optical components clean.

*The workstation includes an IR-Blocking Laser Safety Viewing Window, to ensure no damage to the operator’s eyes.

*The workstation design is compatible with the integration of fume extraction equipment, to ensure the air quality of the workplace.

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