Terms & Conditions

  1. Application
    The general terms and conditions described below will apply between GOmeasure (CVR: 38375962) and the Customer, unless otherwise agreed in writing. “Products” means the hardware, software and / or services specified on our offer, order confirmations, pro forma invoices or invoices issued by GOmeasure to which these Terms are attached. The products are sold (or offered for sale in case of offers) by GOmeasure to the customer. This applies regardless of what the customer may have written in their order or approval of offers and regardless of special conditions made by the customer, for example in the customer’s general purchasing conditions. GOmeasure cannot be held responsible for whether the Customer complies with Danish and international law, including copyright, personal data and criminal law, and GOmeasure also does not advise or check the Customer’s compliance with it.
  2. Prices and validity
    Unless the offer states otherwise, all prices are in DKK and without VAT, excluding import duties and other taxes and taxes. Subject to changes in offer prices, subject to changes in material prices, subcontractor prices, changes in government fees and other matters.
  3. Transport and insurance costs to Denmark and Sweden
    Unless otherwise agreed, the cost of transport and insurance in Denmark and Sweden is at the expense of the customer. Deliveries are made according to the latest version of Incoterms EXW, unless otherwise agreed.
  4. Exchange rate fluctuations> +/- 2%
    In the case of an offer, GOmeasure is entitled to adjust the prices if, at the time of delivery, the official exchange rate differs more than 2% from the exchange rate at the date the offer was sent. The latter currency is fixed at 100.
  5. Terms of payment
    Unless otherwise agreed in writing, payment must be made 30 days net from the invoice date. If another payment agreement has been entered into, and payment is not made before the due date, GOmeasure is entitled to a default interest rate of 1% per month of the amount due from the due date, as well as claims for payment of reminder fees of DKK 100.00. GOmeasure reserves the ownership of products purchased on credit until the full purchase price is paid. All costs associated with enforcing the reservation are the responsibility of the buyer.
  6. Delivery time
    Unless otherwise agreed delivery will take place as soon as possible. GOmeasure may require a postponement of the delivery time in the following cases: a) When changing the order at the customer’s request b) When changing the expected delivery time from subcontractors c) In case of force majeure. 
  7. Shortcomings
    GOmeasure’s liability covers only defects that appear within 1 year from the date the product was delivered. GOmeasure’s obligation to remedy defects is subject to the buyer proving that the delivered product is defective, including documenting that the equipment has been stored, installed, used and maintained properly and in accordance with the regulations provided by the manufacturer of the product. In addition, GOmeasure assumes no further responsibility for the delivered product, which is why the buyer cannot cancel the purchase, demand a proportional discount or compensation or withhold the purchase price in whole or in part. GOmeasure does not under any circumstances assume responsibility for consulting, sizing and projecting by third parties.
  8. Product liability
    GOmeasure is not liable for any damage caused by the Product: (a) to real estate or movable property that occurs while the Product is in the Customer’s possession; damage to property or movable property caused by these products as a result of the material. Under no circumstances will GOmeasure be liable for any operating loss, lost profits or other financial consequential loss. If a third party makes a claim against one of the parties for liability under this paragraph, that party shall immediately notify the other. 
  9. Limitation of Liability
    Under no circumstances is GOmeasure liable for any operating loss, lost profits or other consequential financial loss.
  10. Obligation of complaint and investigation
    It is incumbent on the customer, at the latest upon receipt, to conduct a thorough examination of whether the product is contractual. The Customer is obliged to promptly disclose in writing any deficiencies found in such an inquiry and the Customer cannot later claim any deficiencies found in such an inquiry. The customer can also not claim defects if the customer fails to immediately report any later identified defects that the customer has not found or should have found at the time of delivery. The customer is obliged to cover GOmeasure’s costs for complaints to the extent that the complaint is unfounded or otherwise there are defects for which GOmeasure is not liable.
  11. Data Protection and Privacy
    Information about the Customer will be stored and / or transmitted in strict accordance with applicable data protection laws. The Customer may notify GOmeasure that the information may not be used for direct marketing purposes. Customer may not disclose or use or enable others to use GOmeasure business secrets or other information of any kind that is not publicly available. The customer must handle and keep the aforementioned information properly in order to avoid accidental access to the knowledge of others. This obligation applies during the parties’ trade and without any time limit after the termination of the trade, regardless of the reason for the termination.