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Head & torso simulators

Audio design is becoming a vital part of the development of a lot of daily products like automobiles, computers, hearing aids, mobile phones, etc. Either to improve on its basic function, or to optimize the clients’ experience with the product.

KEMAR was initially invented in collaboration with the audiological industry for the use of hearing aid development, and is still the defacto standard for this industry – however, since then, the usage of KEMAR has spread into a multitude of other industries like telecommunications, hearing protection test, automotive development etc.

The major difference between KEMAR and the standard head and torso simulators (HATS) on the market is that KEMAR is built on a large statistical research of the average human body – meaning the KEMAR HATS has the same acoustical properties as an average human, including distinct facial features.

Through the years GRAS has developed a range of accessories and special versions of KEMAR – allowing you to design a test setup that can allow you to research in your specific industry, whether this is for development of the next generation mobile phones or the next supercar.

KEMAR meets the international standards that are specified by ISO, IEC as well as ANSI.

The KEMAR manikin is the recognized industry-standard for in-situ anthropomorphic testing in the fields of:

Hearing conservation
Noise abatement
Sound recording and sound-quality evaluation.
Read more about the advantages of KEMAR’s design and anthropometric dimensions here.

KEMAR Variants – Brief Overview
KEMAR has many configuration possibilities. To simplify ordering, we therefore offer a number of preconfigured KEMAR (45BB-X Without Mouth Simulator, 45BC-X With Mouth Simulator) for specific purposes. All factory configured KEMAR are available both in LEMO (X = 1, 3, 5, 7) and CCP (X = 2, 4, 6, 8) versions.

In addition, non-configured KEMAR (45BB, 45BC) are available. These are intended for customers who have the earlier KEMAR (45BA, 45BM) and wish to reuse configuration parts from these (100% compatibility).

With optional accessories (configuration parts) it is easy to change the configuration.

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