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CLC CUBE Laser System

CLC CUBE Laser System

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Compact designed model based on laboratory applications, fit for the cubicle size tabletop.


CLC CUBE Laser System

FALIT CUBE is a compact designed model based on laboratory applications, fit for the cubicle size tabletop.

The available processing field is 33×33 mm (Maximum 1.3-in size IC Chip), if the XY table option is selected, the Chip-On-Board PCBA processing will be achieved by moving the XY table.

This device is designed for laser decapsulation processing of IC epoxy molding compounds.

FALIT CUBE replaces the traditional destructive analysis method of mechanical micro-drilling or chemical etching process.

Performance Design:

*Exclusive de-cap process laser controller with an in-house designed embedded system, which ensures the process is harmless when used on silicon chips and bonding wires.

*Standard configuration with 20W ICO Laser, with higher power laser options available.

*Standard configuration with Basic LMMS Solo Intuitive Version software, various software tool options are available.

*Standard configuration with a fixed lens vision system. There are options for a high-resolution camera and additional lenses are available for upgrade.

*A Programmable XY Table option is available. With this option, the de-cap area and vision field can be expanded. The de-cap process for Chip-On-Board PCBA at multiple positions is feasible, simplifying the post-process of electrical testing.

Safety Design:

*The workstation designed as CDRH Class-I compliance, to get rid of an employer’s worker’s compensation liability risk.

*The workstation is equipped with advanced Air Pack with multiple nozzles, to keep the optical components clean.

*The workstation includes an IR-Blocking Laser Safety Viewing Window, to ensure no damage to the operator’s eyes.

*The workstation is designed to be compatible with the integration of fume extraction equipment, to ensure the air quality of the workplace.

Link til CLC: https://www.controllaser.com/products/falit-failure-analysis-laser-inspection-forensic-research/?tag=DUO&package=2

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