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RaditeqRadiPower Burst/Pulse Power Meter

RaditeqRadiPower Burst/Pulse Power Meter

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Raditeq RadiPower Burst/Pulse

In 2010 DARE!! Instruments expanded the range of its RF power meters with a power meter that can perform very fast measurements on high-frequency pulse-shaped signals (RF burst): The RadiPower® RPR2006P pulsed power meter. Now this range is even further extended with a RF Burst/Pulse power head that can measure up to 18 GHz; the RPR2018P.

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Raditeq RadiPower Burst/Pulse Power Meter

Main specifications RadiPower RPR2006P:
Frequency range : 9 kHz – 6 GHz (CW/Pulse shape signals)
Measuring speed : Maximum 1 Msample/s
Dynamic range : -55 dBm to +10 dBm, useable to -60 dBm

Main specifications RPR2018P:
Frequency range : 80 MHz – 18 GHz (CW/Pulse shape signals)
Measuring speed : Maximum 1 Msample/s
Dynamic range : -45 dBm to +10 dBm, useable to – 50 dBm

The RadiPower® is equipped with a USB interface which allows it to be directly connected to the USB port of your PC. A standard RadiMation® FREE freeware program is included. It is also possible to connect four RadiPower® power meters to the USB1004A plug-in card, which can be placed into the RadiCentre®. This makes it possible to measure both forward and reflected power of two amplifiers.

Pulse-shape recording mode

The RadiPower® RPR2006P and RPR2018P pulsed heads are able to measure power signals with a maximum rate of 1,000,000 samples per second and has an integrated measurement buffer of 4.000 samples, where the measured waveform is saved. This “recording mode” is very suitable to make specific high-frequency pulse-shaped signals transparent.

Raditeq RadiPower Burst/Pulse Power Meter

Raditeq RadiPower Burst/Pulse Datasheet

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