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Wentworth PVX 400 Micropositioner

Wentworth PVX 400 Micropositioner

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  • Smooth precision positioning
  • Versatile – for a wide variety of applications
  • Micrometer driven
  • Small footprint allows for the placement of many units on a single platform
  • Easy and quick repositioning with magnetic or vacuum hold down

Wentworth PVX 400 Micropositioner


PVX 400 micropositioner features drives and re-circulating linear slides, which provide precise linear motion in all three axes with a resolution of 1.2 μm/°. This allows for easy positioning onto the finest geometries.

Featuring a choice of either magnetic or vacuum hold down, the PVX 400 manipulator provides a rigid probing platform with a quick release facility for fast, easy repositioning of the manipulator unit.


PVX 400 manual linear motion manipulators are designed for use with Wentworth Pegasus™ series and Aspect probers. They deliver a highly versatile solution for applications such as direct current (DC), radio frequency (RF) and low level testing.

The PVX 400’s small footprint makes it ideal for applications requiring a large number of manipulators or where platen area is at a premium.

A wide range of front ends assemblies and needle holders are available for the PVX 400 manipulators, allowing easy integration with most standard systems.

Wentworth PVX 400 Micropositioner

Wentworth PVX 400 Micropositioner Datasheet

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